26 de marzo de 2009

checa esto ..

Les presento YAmmer una herramienta atraves de Twitter. Share Yammer is a discussion board for your company: post a status update; ask a question; shares news, links, opinions, and information. Connect Yammer is a private social network for your company: each user gets a profile displaying their photo, title, expertise, background, what they are working on, etc. Archive Yammer is a knowledge-base for your company: you can search for any topic to see who's talking about it and what's been said. Great for new employees to get up to speed. Mobile Your employees stay connected wherever they are when they use Yammer through our free web, desktop , BlackBerry, iPhone, IM, email or SMS clients. Private and Secure Yammer is only accessible via SSL, and only by employees with a valid company email have access. Additional security restrictions can be added after claiming your network..

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