15 de abril de 2009

Efecto Escher en video

Biografia de Escher Seguro todos han visto a Escher asi que ni para que hacer intro. Yo no habia visto este video de NSM pero acabo de verlo, me gusto y aprovecho para poner la descripcion de su director
This video uses a mathematical formula based upon an image Escher did (The Print Gallery), known in these days as the "Droste Effect". This is my first videoclip as a Director, and it was made entirely using a Digital Reflex Camera, Canon's Mark III which captures up to 115 continuous pictures, at 10 fps. As this was really low budget video, it was made possible thanks to the help of lots and lots of friends. This video was "inspired" by the amazing pictures of Sebastian Perez Duarte (I mean that as an euphemism). I just wanted to add movement to those kind of images. All of the image process was made in my home computer, thank's to Pisco Bandito/Josh Sommers' tutorials, and Bill Hornes code. A friend of mine, Chema "The Mecatronic", helped me automate all of the process. This is the result of almost 6 months of work. Soon I'll post the making off, hope you enjoy it. This is the video of a band called "No Somos Machos Pero Somos Muchos" (NSM PSM) and they're about to release their first album. This is their first single "Clap your brains off"

"Clap Your Brains Off" Mexican Droste Videoclip from Frank Beltrán on Vimeo.

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